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Foot and leather debuted in 2019 as a Traditional Peshawari chappal and leather retailer which made its mark when only a few people had access to genuine leather products in the region.Since its inception, Foot and leather’s brand’s philosophy lies in connecting with people. We aim to design and deliver the most premium quality leather products which targets different range of customers to satisfy their needs according to their demand. We deal in customised leather products according to customer preferences.


Foot & leather provides you 100% genuine hand made leather goods with having the option of customization  upon the choice of customer i-e our whole product line is available customized which gives our company the edge of uniqueness.


Foot & leather provides you the best designs of leather goods with having high quality. We create our own innovative designs of leather goods for the customers


Foot & leather believes in providing the best quality products to the customers. Providing best quality product to the customer builds trust between you and your customer

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